The Birthday Dress

I guess this post is a little overdue. I mean, her birthday WAS in October, so that means she’s been telling everyone, “I’m FIVE” with as much fervor and excitement as Sally O’Malley for almost a month. We did do this photo shoot 2 days after her birthday, so I consider that a win in my book.
The Birthday Dress- Snickerdoodle Stew

Warning: this is going to be an image heavy post. So only keep reading if you like yummy fall scenery, AH-MAY-ZING fabrics, and a super sweet kiddo.
The Birthday Dress- Snickerdoodle StewI knew right away that I wanted to make a Pippa Jacket (Izzy & Ivy) for her birthday, but I wanted to make it really special. So I hunted down some Anna Maria Horner velveteen from her Field Study line and chose the rest of my fabrics from there. I went with blues and purples for my main fabrics and drew from some of the other Anna Maria Horner lines availlable. I also knew that I HAD to use some of her delicious jacquard Renaissance Ribbons. I purchased all of my fabrics from Hawthorne Threads, so I’ll break those specifics down for you at the end of this post.
The Birthday Dress- Snickerdoodle StewI didn’t make a whole lot of changes to this jacket. I did leave off the collar and add a ruffled strip that borders the edge of the bodice. Because the velveteen is such a fussy fabric, I left off the faux pocket flaps and sleeve tabs as well.
The Birthday Dress- Snickerdoodle StewFor the dress, I chose the Tallulah pattern, also from Izzy & Ivy, because I knew I wanted something that would be great for the Fall and Winter months. I adjusted the lengths of the side ties so that it would tie on the left side instead of the back. I’m hoping to have a tutorial soon, so stay tuned for that!
The Birthday Dress- Snickerdoodle StewI also added did the sleeve cuffs in knit instead of woven cotton, and this is definitely my new favorite for Tallulah sleeves!
The Birthday Dress- Snickerdoodle StewI love how these fabrics go together…the colors are rich and deep. And even though they cross several fabric lines, they coordinate perfectly. Definitely adding AMH to the top of my list of favorites.
The Birthday Dress- Snickerdoodle StewI am totally smitten with this pop of gold here and there.
The Birthday Dress- Snickerdoodle StewAll wovens were purchased from Hawthorne Threads.

Jacket: main- Field Study Velveteen- Coordinates in Midnight, lining- Dowry- Cracking Codes in Eggplant

Dress: knit- Navy and Magenta solids from Purple Seamstress, sash- Dowry- Cracking Codes in Eggplant, skirt- Field Study- Sinister Swarm in Vivacious, hemband- Pretty Potent- Ecinachea in Outloud, ribbon- Loulouthi- Early Risers in Burgundy and Blue

Headband- The Ruffled Cupcake

Tights- Old Navy
Boots- The Children’s Place

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathy says:

    amazing job! That is one truly beautiful outfit and little girl. hope she enjoyed her bday.

    1. Jessica says:

      Thanks so much, Kathy! She LOVED it! All kinds of 5 year old squealing and the like. 😉

  2. Megan Gorman says:

    Just stunning! You have the best eye for fun fabric combos!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you so much, Megan!

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