Emory Sew Along- Day Six

You’ve made it to day six!!!! You are just a few steps away from having a completed Emory dress for your girl (or grandgirl, or niece, or friend) to twirl in. And there’s one week left before Easter! We should totally do this every year, ha! After today’s assignment, be┬ásure to post a picture of…

Emory Sew Along- Day 5

You’ve made it to day FIVE of the Emory Sew Along! You’re in the home stretch, so today we’ll put this gorgeous bodice together with a few fun details.

Emory Sew Along- Day 3

So far I’ve seen come really cute pockets posted in our fan group! I’m really looking forward to seeing all of your dresses come together each day. Today is a little tricky…but we’ll get through it! Today we’re working on the skirt facing and hem. So grab your skirt pieces and let’s get started! This…

Emory Sew Along- Day 1

Good morning! The day has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited! Today we kick off the Emory Sew Along and I can’t wait to show you what special treats I have in store for you!

Vintage Market Headscarf Tutorial

Earlier this month I did a fun sew along with the Izzy & Ivy Designs Tallulah Dress. You can find Day 1 of the sew along HERE and get all of the days’ tutorials. It’s a fun dress for those last few months of warm weather and is school friendly with its wide straps. The side tie was also a fun addition that can be added to any version of the Tallulah, too!

Izzy & Ivy Designs Sew Along Day Five

After another round of “Increase My Bandwidth” we are up and running again. Thanks again to the amazing ladies that are sewing up their gorgeous Tallulah Dresses and Tunics! I have a mashup planned for August, but I’ll have another sew along planned for the fall, so if you liked this one, keep hanging out with us!

Izzy & Ivy Designs Tallulah Sew Along Day Three

Welcome back! By now you should have all of your fabric cut and ready to sew! Today we’ll be working on the bodice and the waistband and ties, so grab your pieces and let’s get started!

Izzy & Ivy Sew Along- The Evie Skirt- Day Four

Congratulations! This is our final day of the sew along and probably one of the easiest! Today we will take our waistband piece and add it to our skirt, insert the elastic, and finish up our pretty new skirt! If you’re new here, check out my post from Day One to see how you can…