Sewing for Special Events

Earlier this Spring I had the opportunity to take Miss Lydia on a few special trips that were just for the two of us. We’re the only girls in our house, so we have to stick together and make memories, right?

Pattern Hack: Emory to the Max

One of the fun opportunities I’ve had as the assistant at Izzy & Ivy Designs is to dabble further into the art of the pattern hack. Don’t get me wrong…I really love sewing the patterns as written. They each have their own unique details and everything, but sometimes you just want to sew something fresh and kick things up a notch. So today I’m showing off a maxified version of the Emory Dress! It’s really pretty easy and I hope that you’ll try it for your sweet girl!

Fat Quarter Fashion

A few months back I commented on a post on Free Spirit Fabric’s Facebook page, and it was tied to a giveaway. Lo and behold, I won! A little time passed and a fabulous fat quarter set of Dena Designs’ latest line, Haute Girls, showed up at my house.

Charlotte Apron Dress, Parson Gray Style

Last month Lindsay, from The Cottage Mama, posted about this amazing contest and giveaway on her blog.  All you had to do was sew up one of her gorgeous patterns and then post it in her group on Facebook.  Easy peasy, right?  I didn’t think I was going to have the time, but then people…

Twirly Tallulah

My last post mentioned how much fun I’ve had playing with patterns from my employer, Izzy & Ivy Designs.  While a lot of modern sewists rely heavily on PDF patterns, Izzy & Ivy started out as a paper pattern company.  I have the benefit of drawing from those patterns as well, so I really have…

Lily Giggle Blog Tour: Jujube Dress

Once upon a time, in the early days of Snickerdoodle Stew, Lily Giggle patterns (affiliate link) made a Christmas appearance. And then a Valentine’s Day encore. Needless to say, when Lily Giggle went on hiatus at the end of 2013, the PDF pattern world had a tiny hole in its collective heart.  You can imagine how excited…