Skipping Stones

Pattern Mashups have always been something I love to do. Even from the beginning, if I had an idea in my head, I figured out some way to make it come to life with fabric. Sometimes with amazing results…and sometimes with huge flops!

Stepping Stones- Snickerdoodle Stew

This was my very first mashup. I made it out of my very first purchase of designer fabric, and it was for my sweet girl’s 3rd birthday.

I’ve made several others through the years, but it’s been a while since I made a challenging mashup for fun and not necessity. Free Spirit Fabrics sent me some amazing prints from Anna Maria Horner’s line, Skipping Stones. I thought it would be a great line to incorporate into my entry for the Little Lizard King MashUP contest.

Stepping Stones by Anna Maria Horner for @freespiritfab, patterns mashed from @lizardking- @snckrdoodlestew

I chose to mash three patterns for this project. Here are the patterns I mashed:
Elise bodice,
Janie Lou sash and bodice inset with stripwork instead of pintucks,
Blue Ribbon Winner Skirt.

Stepping Stones by Anna Maria Horner for @freespiritfab, patterns mashed from @lizardking- @snckrdoodlestewStepping Stones by Anna Maria Horner for @freespiritfab, patterns mashed from @lizardking- @snckrdoodlestew
Skipping Stones is a recoloring, if you will, of several of Anna Maria Horner’s previous prints. Some of my favorites from Honor Roll, Pretty Potent, Dowry, and Folk Song make an appearance in varying shades of gray, taupe, and cream. Some might say this is boring, but I love how you can really see the contrast and play between light and dark.

I used an alternating chevron stripwork for the bodice inset. I have no idea if that is an actual term or not, but it sounds good, so I’m running with it. Quilting wanna-be, much?

I also just happened to have half a roll of this gorgeous ribbon that I purchased at Quilt Market. I wish I knew the company that sold it, but I split the roll with a friend and we don’t have the information.  It was really just the perfect detail for this dress.

Have you ever done a pattern mashup? What patterns did you use? How did it turn out? I’d love to hear!



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  1. Robin Hill says:


    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you for helping me feed that MashUP addiction, Robin! 😉

  2. Oh my goodness…that’s not quilting wanna be. It’s actual quilting and it looks amazing. Also, that picture of L holding up her skirt and pointing the toe. Seriously, I died a little bit from the absolute adorableness of it all. Great job as always!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you so much, Bethany. That’s my favorite pic, too!

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