One Thimble 12- The Azure Party Dress

Azure Party Dress #onethimble12 @onethimble_zine @snckrdoodlestew

I can hardly believe that we are on Issue 12 of One Thimble! (affiliate link) We are almost to the three year mark for my favorite E-zine! It’s just an amazing collection of all things sewing and I hope that you check them out and not just take my word for it. Issue 12 is chock full of some great new patterns and articles, as all One Thimble issues are, and you can check out more great reviews on the One Thimble Blog Tour.

Made by SaraAzure Party Dress in Cali Mod #onethimble12 @onethimble_zine @freespiritfab @dewber @snckrdoodlestew

I chose to sew the Azure Party Dress from Ainslee Fox Patterns for my stop on the tour. It’s been a while since I had sewn one of Jen’s patterns, and I thought the invisible zip featured in this dress would be the kick in the pants that I needed to get me out of a sewing rut. I also had some fresh-from-the-mill Cali Mod from Joel Dewberry that I was dying to sew. Throw the need want for one more taste of summer, and I have a hit on my hands!

Azure Party Dress in Cali Mod #onethimble12 @onethimble_zine @freespiritfab @dewber @snckrdoodlestew

One of the stunning features of this dress is the pieced bodice. I chose the solid pieces, and skipped the piping. I have to admit that I knew the invisible zip was going to be a new technique for me, so I wanted to keep it simple, while still using some of the elements to show off several fabrics. I’m totally loving these soft green and pink florals!

Azure Party Dress in Cali Mod #onethimble12 @onethimble_zine @freespiritfab @dewber @snckrdoodlestew

The pieces fit together so well and Jen does an amazing job of walking you through the process. Adding a double skirt? Easy peasy. There are some techniques I’ve never seen here, but the end result is gorgeous. My six-year-old measured a little larger than a size 5, so I opted for a 6. It’s a little big, but that just means we will get lots of wear out of this beauty! The pattern spans sizes 2-12, so when she outgrows this one, I can just sew another.

Azure Party Dress in Cali Mod #onethimble12 @onethimble_zine @freespiritfab @dewber @snckrdoodlestew

And that headband? That is a throwback from One Thimble Issue 5. I won a little contest and my Sweet Grace Ruffled Headband was born! It’s really my go-to accessory for any outfit and it’s a cinch to sew up!

Azure Party Dress in Cali Mod #onethimble12 @onethimble_zine @freespiritfab @dewber @snckrdoodlestew

I hope you check out One Thimble Issue 12 and sew ALL THE THINGS! My boys have had their eye on the Cozumel shirt and the bow ties for sure, and I am hoping to sew the #111 Thread Faction Dress and the Darling Daisy Bag.

This post contains affiliate links for One Thimble. Full E-zine purchases enable me to get a portion of the sale and you to get an amazing bundle of sewing fun! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Be sure to check back for more Cali Mod as I share my One Fabric Nation posts for Free Spirit Fabrics before it ships to retailers in September.

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