Livin’ the City Life

While I have always been a girl from the ‘burbs, I have always love the allure of the city. Tall, gorgeous buildings, both old and new, interesting sights and sounds, taking in the interesting surroundings. I grew up near St. Louis, and while there was a lot to do in the city, we didn’t get there often. Now we live just miles from Louisville, Kentucky, and love to have a shrunk down version of the city life so close to our doorstep.

City Life by Ink & Arrow Fabrics with Izzy & Ivy Designs- Snickerdoodle Stew

When Tiffany from Ink & Arrow Fabrics approached me about sewing with some of their lines, I immediately thought of the riverfront of downtown Louisville when I saw their City Life fabric. What’s not to love about tall buildings, colorful taxi cabs, and even some non-pesky pigeons?

If Ink & Arrow is new to you, don’t fret! They’re new to everyone! They are a spunky off-shoot of Quilting Treasures, and they have more up their sleeves than just this urban collection. Head over to their blog to see more of what I paired up for them, and make sure you follow them on social media to see what’s coming up next!

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