Izzy & Ivy Sew Along- The Evie Skirt- Day Two

It’s Day 2!  I’m so excited to see the fabrics that you all have chosen for your Evie Skirt! If you haven’t done that yet, you still have time to catch up. If you haven’t bought your pattern, there’s still time to do that! Evie will be on sale in the Izzy & Ivy Etsy Shop through the end of the sew along! See Day 1’s entry HERE.

For today’s steps, you have 2 choices. If you are doing the small accent ruffle that is attached just above the hemband, you can go ahead and consult your pattern and use the instructions to sew just the skirt portion.  However, if you have chosen to use a trim in place of the ruffle (which is legal for prizes!), here’s my tutorial for how to close up the edges of that trim into the side seam of your skirt. This is especially helpful if you’re using something that frays easily, like Cluny lace! You will still need to follow your pattern up through section 2, step B.2.

My day didn’t start this great…but since chevrons are the bane of my existence to line up, I was happy that this happened!
Izzy & Ivy Evie Skirt Sew Along- Day 2- Snickerdoodle StewShall we begin sewing our skirt? Go ahead and sew up your skirt according to the pattern in section 2, but STOP when you get to step B.3 where you do the accent ruffle. Instead of sewing on the accent ruffle, sew your hemband piece to the rest of the skirt unit. It is NOT in a loop like the normal instructions. Just trust me. 🙂 (Turns out I forgot to take a picture of this step before I laid the lace on top. Just pretend, mmkay?)

Izzy & Ivy Evie Skirt Sew Along- Day 2- Snickerdoodle StewAttach your trim with whatever method you prefer. I use a small zigzag that blends in well with the top of the lace. This is basically sitting right on top of where I would normally topstitch.

Izzy & Ivy Evie Skirt Sew Along- Day 2- Snickerdoodle StewWhen you are finished, line up your side seams, making sure that you match up the stripwork pieces of the skirt. Nothing worse than wonky seams that don’t match up!

Izzy & Ivy Evie Skirt Sew Along- Day 2- Snickerdoodle StewI rarely use pins, but I DO here. I don’t trust myself to line it up that well otherwise!
Izzy & Ivy Evie Skirt Sew Along- Day 2- Snickerdoodle StewNow you have your trim enclosed in your side seam and your pretty lace won’t go anywhere! I know this kind of defeats the purpose of the nice, hidden seam within the hemband, but in this instance, it’s the lesser of 2 evils, in my book.
Izzy & Ivy Evie Skirt Sew Along- Day 2- Snickerdoodle StewTopstitch the rest of your horizontal seams and you are finished with Day 2! Go celebrate with a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Or a Dirty Diet Coke. Or maybe just a cup of tea! See you tomorrow when we’ll assemble our waistband! Don’t forget to post your pics in the Day 2 album in our Facebook Fan Group for extra entries to our giveaway! And a little birdie told me that you might want to post your Day 2 photos to Instagram for a chance to WIN a pattern today! Tag @izzynivydesigns and use #eviesewalong to qualify.

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