Izzy & Ivy Sew Along- The Evie Skirt- Day One

I am SO very excited to have our very first sew along hosted here at Snickerdoodle Stew! I love the Evie dress as it is, but what a fun way to extend your little one’s wardrobe by turning it into a skirt?

Izzy & Ivy Designs Sew Along- The Evie Dress as a skirtWe’re not going to do any sewing today. Go ahead and pick out your fabrics, if you haven’t already, and we’ll cut those pieces out in a bit.  Remember that you will need an additional 1/4 yard (not a Fat Quarter!) for your waistband unit and then a yard of 1 1/2″ woven or braided elastic (non-roll is best!)  First, though, I want to give you a break-down of this week’s activities so you know just what to expect each day! You can snap pics along the way and upload them to our fan group and your Instagram for chances to win prizes this week! Just use the hashtag #eviesewalong to tag your pics and join in the fun!

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Monday- choose fabrics and cut pattern pieces.
Tuesday- assemble skirt stripwork and add trims (if desired)
Wednesday- assemble waistband and sash
Thursday- attach waistband unit to skirt and add elastic to finish!
Friday-Sunday- catch up days and uploading final pics for the contest!

We have some great prizes, including:

Patterns from Izzy & Ivy Designs

Bee Quilted Logo

$25 shop credit- Bee Quilted Beauties

Those are great prizes and I hope that you join us!

So here’s the additional information you’ll need to cut your pieces.  Cut everything according to your measurement chart located on page 4 of the pattern, minus the bodice, and instead of cutting the piece for your WAIST BACK piece, cut the following for your size:  Cutting dimensions are LENGTH x WIDTH
CUT 4 waistband pieces, cut ONE piece of elastic.

Size 2- 3″ x20″, elastic 20″
Size 3- 3″ x 21″, elastic 21″
Size 4- 3″ x 22″, elastic 22″
Size 5- 3″ x 25″, elastic 22″
Size 6- 3” x 27″, elastic 22 1/2″
Size 7- 3″ x 29″, elastic 23″
Size 8- 3″ x 31″, elastic 23 1/2″
Size 10- 3″ x 33″, elastic 24 1/2″
Size 12- 3″ x 35″, elastic 25 1/2″

You are now ready to cut! I hope to see you again tomorrow as we’ll actually start sewing our pieces! I’ll even show you how to add trim to your skirt on top of your ruffle…or in place of! Thanks for stopping by!Izzy & Ivy Designs Evie Dress- Skirt Sew Along


Day 2

Day 3 

Day 4

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