Irish Eyes are Smiling

Growing up, St. Patrick’s Day was a holiday to be celebrated right up there with Forth of July and Valentine’s Day. You didn’t ever wonder what we would be eating that day: green pancakes with apples for breakfast and corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes for dinner. And maybe something green for dessert, especially if we were at my grandparents house. My grandma was very Irish and my grandpa loved her so much, he considered himself a full-blooded Irishman.

They both passed away before they were able to meet my children, but I know they would just adore them!  My grandpa would say they were beautiful and make them call him, “Grandpa Darlin'”, and I know he’d be sad that they couldn’t help him eat his favorite Little Debbies because of their food allergies. And I know Lydia would get a kick out of grandma’s pink living room…and kitchen…and bathroom. So for me, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just about eating green food, celebrating my 3/16ths Irish heritage, or even honoring the life of a great missionary. It’s about carrying on traditions and teaching my kids about their ancestors.

Irish Eyes are Smiin'- Snickerdoodle StewNow that you’ve strolled down memory lane with me for a bit, let’s talk outfits! I really wanted to make something that would last beyond the pinch-proof, one-and-done outfit, although we do tend to wear our holiday stuff past the holidays. We’re quirky like that. Anyway, I chose this gorgeous green fabric with amazing gold, pink, and blue roses, designed by the talented Jennifer Paganelli. It’s her Jenny Eliza line for JoAnn Fabrics, and wouldn’t you know, it goes amazingly well with this pink geometric print from her Good Company line! I’m convinced that she had my Irish grandmother at heart when she designed the green fabric because my grandma’s favorite color was pink and her name was Rosemary.
Irish Eyes are Smiin'- Snickerdoodle StewThese to lovely, contrasting fabrics are perfectly paired in this double layered skirt from the Addie Jo Skirt pattern by Izzy & Ivy Designs. This pattern can be found in several shops all over the internet and maybe even in your local quilt shop!

Irish Eyes are Smiin'- Snickerdoodle Stew

Cute Irish shirts for both kids are from The Children’s Place. I can’t make EVERYTHING!

IMG_3933On to the Mister Man. My little leprechaun. He is involved in more shenanigans than I care to tally, but he’s my baby, so I probably let him get away with it. Even when it involves flushing a foot scrubbrush down the toilet. Oy.  I’m not going to ask when this phase will pass. I’ll just be surprised, mkay?


Today my little guy is sporting the way cool Milo pants from Charming-Ollie. I LOVE the pocket origami on all of Ashley’s patterns, and I especially love that these pants will get a lot of wear through the Spring and probably in the Fall, too. The pattern has some really cool features like a faux fly, back pockets, and an adjustable waist. I wish I could have gotten better pics all around of these for y’all, but this one thinks he’s the Flash. In that he’s fast and we were lucky he kept these on for as long as he did. Streaker, much?
IMG_3963I wasn’t anticipating doing something so blatantly cheesy in the fabric department, but I saw this kind of subway lettering style fabric at Hobby Lobby and just had to have it. He’s 2. He doesn’t get a say. I matched it up with a shamrock on black print and some green and white houndstooth. And let’s not forget the yellow buttons that look so much like little gold coins.
I know. Cheesefest.
And my back pockets are not nearly as cool as Ashley’s. That’s what I get for going rogue and not reading the pattern carefully enough!
IMG_3967So those are our festive outfits. I have plans for making my kids choke down having our traditional St. Pat’s Day meal and then a fun dessert of Lucky Charms’ Rice Krispy Treats. And I’ll tell my kids stories of Ted and Rosemary and I hope they’ll say, “Isn’t that beautiful!” because I know that’s what my grandparents would say.

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