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Talk to Me- @inkandarrowabrics- @snckrdoodlestew @izzynivydesigns

Yes. I went there. And even if you’re ready to rip your ears off because you’re over Adele, stay with me! I’m here today to talk about one of the newest lines to hit Ink & Arrow Fabrics: Talk to Me!

Talk to Me- @inkandarrowabrics- @snckrdoodlestew @izzynivydesigns

I know most of you remember these old rotary phones. And the long cords that just weren’t long enough to get out of earshot for your most pressing, teenage conversations. ¬†Vintage is the name of the game with this collection that also features victrolas, typwriters, and antenna televisions with a retro vibe.

Talk to Me- @inkandarrowabrics- @snckrdoodlestew @izzynivydesigns

I used the Fancy Forget-Me-Not Skirt from the Izzy & Ivy Designs’ book, Blossom’s Garden Party Skirts. ¬†It’s a sweet, drop-waisted double skirt with a fun faux placket to showcase your favorite trims and buttons. Because we all know that those things take up less space than fabric.

Talk to Me- @inkandarrowabrics- @snckrdoodlestew @izzynivydesigns

Another line that really made me stop at the Ink & Arrow booth at Quilt Market was their line of blenders called “Pixies”. These cute, rectangular graphics are a fun alternative to polka dots or stripes, and they have them in a wide array of colors.

Talk to Me- @inkandarrowabrics- @snckrdoodlestew @izzynivydesigns Talk to Me- @inkandarrowabrics- @snckrdoodlestew @izzynivydesigns

I think it’s funny how she has never used a phone like this, but I gave it to her and started snapping pics. She automatically started chatting away in an imaginary conversation. Must be genetic.

Talk to Me- @inkandarrowabrics- @snckrdoodlestew @izzynivydesigns

I’m so glad you stopped by to read about “Talk to Me” from Ink & Arrow Fabrics. You can see more of their fun lines on their website. Their motto is “No rules, just fun” and I totally agree!



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