Fat Quarter Fashion

Fat Quarter Fashion graphicA few months back I commented on a post on Free Spirit Fabric’s Facebook page, and it was tied to a giveaway. Lo and behold, I won! A little time passed and a fabulous fat quarter set of Dena Designs’ latest line, Haute Girls, showed up at my house.

In case you don’t know what a fat quarter is, it’s a pre-cut cutting of fabric that can be sold in a set or by itself. It is a quarter yard of fabric, but it’s cut 22″ x 18″ instead of 9″ all along the selvedge.





Now for most people that sew garments, fat quarters are usually only good for things like pockets or accent ruffles, or projects that require small pieces, like my Sweet Grace Ruffled Headband.  You can, however, use fat quarters for a scrappy feel, especially if you have a smaller child that you are sewing for. Another benefit of a fat quarter bundle, especially if it comes pre-packaged from the factory, is that you get ALL of the prints from one fabric line, all in one place.

The drawback to fat quarters is that they have 3 or 4 cut edges, so pre-washing them will leave you with a huge tangled mess and you’ll lose precious inches! In this case, I did not prewash and I sewed up a size, which works for this style dress. You could also serge the edges before you wash, and that will only cost you a 1/2″ or so.

So today I’m going to show you how I used fat quarters to make the Trendsetter Dress from my friend Cassie, for Little Lizard King.

Fat Quarter Fashion- Snickerdoodle Stew

I sewed this up in a size 5, which is about the largest size you can get away with this technique. I used 8 fat quarters to get this look and you can even use less if you use a solid for the bodice lining and straps. The measurements for what I needed were almost spot on, so I only chopped off the selvedge edge and did everything else according to the pattern directions.
Fat Quarter Fashion- Snickerdoodle Stew
To create the skirt, I basically took four fat quarters and sewed up the short sides. I did want the black toile tent print to be featured, so I used the center of each panel to line up with my side seams and front and back mid-points. The back panel is splashed with this fun, paisley print, loaded with all of the other fun tones from this colorway.

Fat Quarter Fashion- Snickerdoodle StewI just LOVE this back view! There are 2 options for straps on this dress, but this is by far my favorite. I used one fat quarter for the main bodice and one for the lining, then strips of two more for the straps.
Fat Quarter Fashion- Snickerdoodle StewWhat little girl doesn’t love purple leopard print? This line just screams, “I AM A DIVA!!!!”
Fat Quarter Fashion- Snickerdoodle StewThis is super twirly and a great summer dress! In fact, you might just see this in another application from me soon, so make sure you tune in to see what I do next with the Trendsetter!!!

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