Emory Sew Along- Day 1

Good morning! The day has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited! Today we kick off the Emory Sew Along and I can’t wait to show you what special treats I have in store for you!

@izzynivydesigns Emory Sew Along featuring Wonderland by @polkadotchair for @rileyblake- @snickerdoodlestew

First off, it’s not too late join us! Pop over to the Izzy & Ivy Designs’ Etsy shop and pick up the pattern for $7, through March 21st! Even if you can’t sew along with us right now, it’s a great price and you can always come back and follow with the posts later. Emory is a great pattern for Spring and Summer, and looks great layered in cooler months! Not a fan of PDF? Pick up the Macy Giggles paper pattern to sew later! (Macy Giggles is currently out of stock, but on backorder!)

Second, we have some amazing sponsors! Riley Blake has so many great prints to choose from, and they sent me some prints from Melissa Mortenson’s new line, Wonderland. If you remember, Melissa also did Derby Style last year, and it was fabulous for my Derby Day Evie dress! I’m so proud to have a local-to-me designer and I hope she continues to create amazing prints to sew with!

Our other fabulous sponsor is Vintage Door. They have the most gorgeous crochet edge bias tape as well as amazingly fast service. They have been so sweet to work with and this trim is my go-to for the sleeves on an Emory or Macy Giggles.

Today is day 1 for the sew along, which means you’ll need to gather your fabrics, cutting your pattern pieces out, and snapping a pic to enter our giveaway. You’ll post those in our Day 1 album in our Facebook fan group.

A few extra things to keep in mind for your fabric/notions:

@izzynivydesigns Emory Sew Along featuring Wonderland by @polkadotchair for @rileyblake- @snickerdoodlestew

To finish the edge of your cap sleeves with bias or other trim, you will need 2 yards. I will have instructions for bias tape, but you can use your preferred method for other trims.

@izzynivydesigns Emory Sew Along featuring Wonderland by @polkadotchair for @rileyblake- @snickerdoodlestew

For the back ties instead of the button loops, you will need a piece that is 1 1/2″ x the width of your fabric. You can use any fabric from your project for this.

@izzynivydesigns Emory Sew Along featuring Wonderland by @polkadotchair for @rileyblake- @snickerdoodlestew

For the ruffle instead of the skinny hemband, you will need 4 strips that are 4″ x the width of your hemband piece. Or you can go crazy and just do the width of your fabric. That part of the tutorial is found on Day Three. This applies to Emory and the View A version of Macy Giggles.

@izzynivydesigns Emory Sew Along featuring Wonderland by @polkadotchair for @rileyblake- @snickerdoodlestew

If you are sewing along with the Macy Giggles paper pattern (view A) and would like to sew the cute Emory pocket, you can download the pocket from our Facebook fan group. You will need two Fat quarters or 1/4 yard cuts: one in your accent fabric and one in the lining fabric. This will make 2 pockets. You will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the pocket piece.

For every day’s assignment you complete, post a pic in a comment in the associated post in our group and you’ll be entered to win a pattern from Izzy & Ivy. At the end of the sew along, post a pic of your finished dress and you’ll be in the drawing for the following swag from our sponsors!

@izzynivydesigns Emory Sew Along featuring Wonderland by @polkadotchair for @rileyblake- @snickerdoodlestew

3 Pattern Pack from Izzy & Ivy Designs (US and APO may choose PDF or Paper, International entries may choose PDF only).
@izzynivydesigns Emory Sew Along featuring Wonderland by @polkadotchair for @rileyblake- @snickerdoodlestewAn Ivy Mae bundle, which includes three 1 yard cuts and a 3-12M dress panel, courtesy of Riley Blake Designs. (US/APO only, please)

Vintage Door Prize- WM

A sampler pack from Vintage Door, which includes 14 yards total of their sweet trims! Winner chooses from one of the above packs. (US/APO only, please)

That’s all for today, but let me leave you with a few more shots of Emory in Wonderland.

P.S. Headband by my sweet friend, Annelee, of The Ruffled Cupcake!

@izzynivydesigns Emory Sew Along featuring Wonderland by @polkadotchair for @rileyblake- @snickerdoodlestew

@izzynivydesigns Emory Sew Along featuring Wonderland by @polkadotchair for @rileyblake- @snickerdoodlestew @izzynivydesigns Emory Sew Along featuring Wonderland by @polkadotchair for @rileyblake- @snickerdoodlestew

@izzynivydesigns Emory Sew Along featuring Wonderland by @polkadotchair for @rileyblake- @snickerdoodlestew



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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Danielle Kuznia says:

    Super excited! I love the back ties!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thanks, Danielle! Me too! They’re so sweet!

  2. melissa says:

    This is beautiful! I’m going to share it on my blog on Monday!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh, thank you so much, Melissa! This turned out super sweet with those BUNNIES!!!!

  3. Greg Stewart says:

    I’m very excited to get caught up with everyone. I had to source out the fabrics from the Wonderland collection and they should be here by Wednesday.

    1. Jessica says:

      So excited you found us, Greg! Can’t wait to see what you create!

      1. Greg Stewart says:

        Thanks Jessica.
        This is my first on line stitch a-long and I just received my fabrics today!
        I am planning to get started tomorrow!
        Can’t wait!!!

  4. Greg says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I know this question will sound ridiculous to many of you that have experience sewing, but I am trying to teach myself and fell in love with this project.
    I did order all of the Wonderland fabrics so that I can make the dress exactly as shown with the bunnies, flowers and blk/wht stripe fabric.
    Is there an easy way of knowing which pattern pieces shouild be cut out of each fabric?
    I hope there is an easy way to answer this.
    Sorry for the trouble.

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh, Greg, I’m so sorry! I didn’t get a notification of this! I’m not sure if this will help or not, but you will cut the skirt out of the bunny fabric, the bodice, bodice lining, bodice ties, and one set of pockets out of the floral fabric, and then the straps, ruffles, and one set of pocket linings out of the stripe. Shoot me an email at snickerdoodlestew (at) gmail (dot) com if you get stuck.

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