Emory Belle Mashup

I am a fan of taking two patterns that I love and splicing the parts and mashing them together. Frankenstein’s dress, right? I have a regular gig over at Pattern Revolution doing these mashups and I’ve also done several for Izzy & Ivy and I just can’t seem to get enough of them!

I was trying to think about what kind of pattern mash I could do for Izzy & Ivy and came up with several, but I decided I would work on an Emory bodice with a Beverly Belle skirt.

Emory Belle Mashup- Snickerdoodle Stew

Most of the time when I do a mashup, I go for something easy, where you can just swap the bodices and you’re good to go. But I guess I was craving a challenge this time. For this mashup, I had to take some of the height off of the Beverly Belle pattern piece to accommodate the bodice of the Emory.

Emory Belle Mashup- Snickerdoodle Stew

Everything assembles the same as the normal patterns, you just don’t have as much gathering to do because the skirt is slim at the top. If you wanted a wider skirt, you could definitely add an extra swirl or two, but keep in mind that it will add width to the swirl section, too.

Emory Belle Mashup- Snickerdoodle StewThe strap fabric requirements are the same for both patterns, so the only additional fabric you might need would be about a half yard for the bodice and lining. The facing for the back is a great place to use up a scrap.

Emory Belle Mashup- Snickerdoodle Stew

And let’s talk about this fabric, shall we?


I’ve decided that Jennifer Paganelli is in my top 3 where fabric designers are concerned. Not only does she create amazing designs, but she’s just a great gal and if she lived closer I’d probably insist we be BFFs…Best Fabric Friends.  Last week everyone went all fangirl at Target over the Lilly Pulitzer items, but honestly, I’ll just stick with my JPags and make my own, thankyouverymuch.

Emory Belle Mashup- Snickerdoodle Stew

I think I’ve managed to cram in fabrics from newest Jenny Eliza line from Joann, plus fabrics from Good Company, Happy Land, and Beauty Queen. I love that they coordinate so well across the lines.

Let’s not forget that awesome crochet-edge bias tape from VIntage Door! They are seriously my go-to shop for this very thing.  And the capris, which are from Izzy & Ivy’s Sweet Polly’s Playclothes book, are made from this lovely yarn-dyed stripe knit from The Purple Seamstress.  Another go-to in my book! Both of these shops have amazing customer service and are really great to work with! Head over, buy something gorgeous, and tell them Jessica Stewart sent you!

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