Charlotte Apron Dress, Parson Gray Style

Last month Lindsay, from The Cottage Mama, posted about this amazing contest and giveaway on her blog.  All you had to do was sew up one of her gorgeous patterns and then post it in her group on Facebook.  Easy peasy, right?  I didn’t think I was going to have the time, but then people started talking and I saw that part of the prize was a SERGER (hello, life-changer!), so I decided to plan my dress and enter.  Have I mentioned that I’m a bit competitive?

I knew I wanted to make something different…something that would stand out.  The contest is being judged by some pretty big names in the sewing world, and I wanted my dress to be unique!  I chose Lindsay’s Charlotte Apron Dress, which has room for lots of fun details.  Then, I turned Charlotte up a notch (or two) by introducing her to the not-so-girly Vagabond line of fabric from Parson Gray.  You know, because that’s just my go-to when I want something that goes against the norm.

Charlotte Apron Dress, Parson Gray Style- Snickerdoodle StewThe pattern came together really beautifully and I had fun picking out trims and details.  I even used some Parson Gray jacquard ribbon on the bodice.  A little cluny lace and a few earthy buttons later, I had my entry ready to go.

Charlotte Apron Dress, Parson Gray Style- Snickerdoodle StewMy sweet girl is a little between sizes, so rather than take the risk of the dress being too small, I went a size up.  It turned out a little big, so I decided to style it as a jumper.  It’s super cute with short sleeves for this last bit of summer, and it will look just as amazing with longer sleeves as the weather grows colder.

Charlotte Apron Dress, Parson Gray Style- Snickerdoodle Stew

See!  It’s even cute with boots!

Charlotte Apron Dress, Parson Gray Style- Snickerdoodle StewWe decided on a local nature reserve area for our photo shoot, and boy did we have fun keeping my 2 year old from throwing rocks in the pond…or going for a swim with the frogs!  Note to self: GET A BABYSITTER!!!

Charlotte Apron Dress, Parson Gray Style- Snickerdoodle StewThe original pattern has a ruffle around the edge of the apron.  I omitted that and changed it out for a ruffle that divided the sections of the apron.  I then added a strip of Cluny lace and a coconut button.

I opted for bringing the straps to lie on top of the bodice so that you could see more of that fun contrasting print on the soft, Robert Kaufman linen.

Charlotte Apron Dress, Parson Gray Style- Snickerdoodle Stew

Sometimes it’s hard to read whether or not she likes a dress.  This time, I knew for sure she loved it, though, because she not only wanted to wear it to school that day, but she was upset when she got part of a smoothie on it and had to wear something else.  It always gives me warm fuzzies when she loves something that I make.  Because honestly, her opinion trumps all others when it comes to what I sew!

Except in this case, I’d really like to win, right?!?!  Stay tuned!  If I make the finals you’ll have an opportunity to vote for my dress!  You can also see more of my Parson Gray inspiration on Pinterest!






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