Skipping Stones

Pattern Mashups have always been something I love to do. Even from the beginning, if I had an idea in my head, I figured out some way to make it come to life with fabric. Sometimes with amazing results…and sometimes with huge flops!

Emory Belle Mashup

I am a fan of taking two patterns that I love and splicing the parts and mashing them together. Frankenstein’s dress, right? I have a regular gig over at Pattern Revolution doing these mashups and I’ve also done several for Izzy & Ivy and I just can’t seem to get enough of them!

Twirly Tallulah

My last post mentioned how much fun I’ve had playing with patterns from my employer, Izzy & Ivy Designs.  While a lot of modern sewists rely heavily on PDF patterns, Izzy & Ivy started out as a paper pattern company.  I have the benefit of drawing from those patterns as well, so I really have…