One Thimble E-zine- Issue Five

If I could be a citizen of another country, I think my top choice would be Australia. Here is just a short list of the awesome things I love from the Land Down Under:

  • Hugh Jackman
  • The Sydney Opera House
  • Hillsong United
  • Fun words like “bub” and “crikey”
  • Outback Steakhouse (OK, not originally Austrailian…)
  • Simply Ballroom
  • All things One Thimble

I have had the privilege of sewing through some of the patterns in all of the four previous issues and they have been hands down the best PDF E-zines I have seen. At first I was a skeptic, because I’m picky about what I buy these days, and it seems like a lot of money for something you might not love. But like an album where you love EVERY single track, One Thimble brings it and does not disappoint. Sweet Grace Pattern Cover And did I mention I won a Fat Quarter contest and have my VERY FIRST tutorial published in this edition? I’m so excited to introduce my Sweet Grace Ruffled Headband to you! You can read more about it here, but here’s my latest example of what you can do with the tutorial. One Thimble E-zine Issue FIve As part of my inclusion in this issue, I received the entire e-zine. Since my Aussie friends are all getting their fabulous, Southern Hemisphere selves ready for Summer, this issue is loaded with some great, warm weather fashions. And my f-f-f-f-f-f-freezing self did a photo shoot today where the temps didn’t get above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrr! Never fear! In my house, we are the lords and ladies of Layer Land, so I thought I’d show you how you can use the Moku Shorts by Tadah Patterns, no matter what weather you’re rocking right now. One Thimble E-zine Issue FIve These shorts….they are simple and sweet and I’m SO in love with them. They are basically a circle skirt with legs built in! These are certainly going to be on our list of staples for mama-made clothes. They take very little time to whip up and I’ve already got several versions brewing in this curly-haired head of mine. One Thimble E-zine Issue FIve I┬ápaired these shorts with another layering item, which is the Persimmon Top/Dress from Willow & Co. (not in this e-zine). I love how these two silhouettes combine together to make a fun and twirly fashion duo. Add a long sleeved tee, tights, and cute boots, and your little diva is ready for school or a playdate! One Thimble E-zine Issue FIve Sewing this ensemble up with Jennifer Paganelli fabrics was just a no brainer. Bright and spunky, this combines prints from Beauty Queen, Lucky Girl, and Jenny Eliza. One Thimble E-zine Issue FIve Jenny Eliza…Beauty Queen…Lucky Girl…and pompoms. Gotta have those with JPags. One Thimble E-zine Issue FIve You can buy the Moku Shorts and my Sweet Grace Ruffled Headband and many more incredible patterns and tutorials in the Fifth Issue of the One Thimble E-zine (affiliate link). You can also buy them as stand alones by visiting this page.

Want to see more of my One Thimble posts?  Check out my Pinterest board.

Outfit details- Headband- Sweet Grace Ruffled Headband tutorial by Snickerdoodle Stew
Tee- The Children’s Place
Tunic- Persimmon Top/Dress Pattern by Willow and Co.
Shorts- Moku Shorts Pattern by TaDah Patterns
Tights- Old Navy
Boots- Target

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