Skipping Stones

Pattern Mashups have always been something I love to do. Even from the beginning, if I had an idea in my head, I figured out some way to make it come to life with fabric. Sometimes with amazing results…and sometimes with huge flops!

Celebrating Easter in Forest Floor

I’ve always made my daughter something for holidays, but it’s been a really long time since I’ve been able to manage to have all three in coordinating outfits. In fact, it was three years ago. I don’t mean to overlook the boys, but it just happens. Look how little! They were 5, 8 months, and…

Hello…It’s Me

Yes. I went there. And even if you’re ready to rip your ears off because you’re over Adele, stay with me! I’m here today to talk about one of the newest lines to hit Ink & Arrow Fabrics: Talk to Me! I know most of you remember these old rotary phones. And the long cords…

Vintage Kitchen Blog Tour- Emory Dress

A few months ago I got an email from a new-to-me designer, asking me to be a part of her fabric blog tour. First of all, she said Riley Blake, so I was totally in, but then I saw these adorable designs in her Vintage Kitchen line and I was hooked! Andrea Mueller is the brain behind Jolijou and her work is fun and cheery and it was so fun to create with!

Emory Sew Along- Day Six

You’ve made it to day six!!!! You are just a few steps away from having a completed Emory dress for your girl (or grandgirl, or niece, or friend) to twirl in. And there’s one week left before Easter! We should totally do this every year, ha! After today’s assignment, be┬ásure to post a picture of…

Emory Sew Along- Day 5

You’ve made it to day FIVE of the Emory Sew Along! You’re in the home stretch, so today we’ll put this gorgeous bodice together with a few fun details.

Emory Sew Along- Day 4

You’ve made it through three days of Emory and we’re on to day four and putting on these sweet pockets! I loved the fabrics I saw posted in our fan group, so I can’t wait to see how they look all tied up and cute! You can catch up with the previous days if you’re just now joining us, too!

Emory Sew Along- Day 3

So far I’ve seen come really cute pockets posted in our fan group! I’m really looking forward to seeing all of your dresses come together each day. Today is a little tricky…but we’ll get through it! Today we’re working on the skirt facing and hem. So grab your skirt pieces and let’s get started! This…

Emory Sew Along- Day 2

Hello, again! Welcome to day 2 of the Emory Sew Along! If you’re just now joining us, you can catch up! See our Day 1 post for all of the details and then grab your Emory pattern and your fabric and join us when you can. Today I originally planned for you to cut your…

Emory Sew Along- Day 1

Good morning! The day has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited! Today we kick off the Emory Sew Along and I can’t wait to show you what special treats I have in store for you!