All Tucked in for the Holidays with EYMM

I am a huge fan of pajamas. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because pajamas = sleep (most of the time, anyway) and as a mom of 3, I’m almost always lacking in that department. Maybe it’s because you can relax and be yourself and no one cares, because for the most part, no one sees you in your pjs except your family. Unless you’re running late for school drop off and you throw on shoes and a bra (or just a really thick sweatshirt- ha!) and load everyone up in the car, praying you don’t get pulled over or get a flat. Or at least that’s what I hear, anyway. *ahem*

Girls in White Dresses

Join me and one of my favorite Izzy & Ivy Patterns, some gorgeous Riley Blake fabric, and my in-house cutie as we show you our Christmas dress for 2014!